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Rajasthan Village

Rajasthan has architectural legacy dating to an ancient past. Without time monuments, magnificent temples, and breathtaking sites...Rajasthan never ceases to lure the travelers. Of its prestigious monuments and natural wonderful, UNESCO has declared Sevanteen cultural and four natural sites of Rajasthan in India as the World Heritage Sites.Religion is the way of life in these remote hamlets. Every house has a separate room where they provides prayers and seek benevolence. The images of local deities daubed with vermilion can be seen outside every village on shivtours

The Rajasthan is amazingly Famous its Landscape scattered with a number of village and hamlets, telltale signs of tree groves and populations of cattle being the only indication that there is such a settlement in close proximity. The typical village has always been difficult & problem to spot till one is actually upon it. Its simplest hamlets, the most basic form of civilizations with a way of life that has probably remained unchanged since centuries, consists of a collection of huts that are circular, and have thatched roofs. The walls are covered with a plaster of clay, cow dung, and hay, making a termite-free (antiseptic) facade that blends in with the sand of the countryside around it. Boundaries for homes and land holdings, called barras, are made of the dry branches of a nettle-like, shrub, the long, sharp thorns a deterrent for straying cattle.

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Rural bazaar of Rajasthan gives an opportunity to the tourists to visit the original life style for the people of Rajasthan and the typical commodities sold in the rural bazaar of Rajasthan in India. The Rajasthan bazaar is Popular for the items made up of fabrics, stones, Jewelry, leather, wood, ivory, glass, brass, silver and gold. The tourists from different parts of the world visited rural of bazaar of Rajasthan to buy the carpets, durries, carved wooden furniture, sand stone carving, trinkets, beads, bangles, ornamental pillars, marble statues, marble fountains, trellises, marble window, marble jharokas (hanging balconies), marble lamps, stone benches, chairs, tables etc. Not only this, the Rajasthan rural bazaar is rampant with wooden works, glittering jewelries and items with miniature paintings. So, the rural bazaar provides the best product with comprehensive range of handicrafts items.

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The state Rajasthan is famous for color and joyous celebrations, music, dance and festivals makes it one world.
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